Technology innovation

We specialise in technology innovation, designing new resource recovery processes and finding innovative ways to improve existing processes.

Axion Consulting has carried out many projects to develop new processes to ‘mine’ plastics, high value metals and critical materials from a diverse range of waste streams including end-of-life vehicles, WEEE and from complex products such as fuel cells, gas meters, flat panel displays and batteries.

We have extensive practical and commercial experience of pyrolysis, gasification and other advanced thermal processing technologies for waste and biomass. We have worked on projects to upgrade pyrolysis oils to fuel specification.

We have built expertise in textile recycling, conducting trials to improve recovery and re-use rates and developing a commercial scale process for polypropylene carpets.

We have carried out a number of trials to improve post consumer film and packaging recovery rates, including developing marking systems to aid recycling.

We are able to manage and deliver all aspects of processing trials, from developing a detailed trial plan and risk assessment, sourcing trial material, running and observing trials, collecting and analysing samples and reporting.


We have extensive experience of conducting process engineering trials of many different separators and size reduction technologies.