Specialist collections

Axion Consulting develops and manages specialist collections schemes for particular waste materials.

We have wide-ranging experience of developing and managing innovative specialist collection schemes. The focus of our work is often hard to reach audiences or difficult to recycle waste streams.

We have designed, developed and managed numerous recycling collection schemes and recycling trials for a broad range of clients. We are experienced in setting up trials to establish the economic viability of a scheme and to determine the technical feasibility of recovering the waste materials. Many of the trials we have delivered have continued after the initial test phase and now operate as nationwide commercial recycling collection schemes, including Recofloor, the vinyl take-back scheme. Axion Consulting manages Carpet Recycling UK, the PVC recycling scheme Recovinyl and the medical PVC take-back scheme RecoMed.

We have particular expertise and skills in managing ʻindustry ledʼ initiatives, that involve working with a sector to find innovative and effective solutions to collect and recycle the waste they generate. This includes extensive knowledge of closed-loop recycling collection schemes, collection logistics, including reverse haulage, collection containers, minimisation of contamination and targeted marketing campaigns to educate participants and raise awareness. We have proven success in driving up recycling rates for targeted waste streams.



Examples of schemes that we currently manage are: