Fire Prevention Plans

Axion’s Fire Prevention Plan service aims to help waste site operators to minimise fire risk at their premises and meet regulatory requirements.

Fire prevention plans (FPPs) were introduced by the Environment Agency in 2014 and are now a compulsory requirement of the agency’s application process for new Environmental Permits or changes to existing permits.

FPPs are submitted at the same time as the permit application and must be approved alongside the application or the whole permit application will be rejected.

They must satisfy three key EA objectives to minimise the chance of fire, minimise the spread within the site and to neighbouring sites, and aim to extinguish a fire within four hours.

All permitted waste site operators who handle combustible waste and are applying for a new permit or changes to existing permit conditions must have an FPP. In future, it is likely that all sites will require one.

Axion can offer a complete FPP package from undertaking initial inspections, liaising with relevant authorities to drafting and submitting the plan. Our bespoke service includes practical, cost-effective solutions for a compliant FPP.

Fire Prevention Plan service

We understand the issues faced by operators because we manage and operate our own permitted sites. We have developed FPPs for our sites and can help you by providing clear insight into delivering compliant FPPs.

Download the Fire Prevention Plan service brochure.

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