Plant performance analysis

Plant performance analysis provides an accurate snap shot assessment of a process to identify ways in which profitability can be increased.

Material separation and recycling processes have increased in complexity significantly over previous years. Operating your facility to give maximum profitability can be challenging as it may be difficult to identify areas for improvement. Even marginal improvements to a process can lead to significant increases in revenue.

With the plant performance analysis Axion Consulting can measure and model the performance of any waste processing or recycling facility.

We use proven, statistical methodologies to measure or calculate the composition and flowrate of all process streams ensuring represnetitive, reliable data. This gives an accurate and detailed mass balance which can be used to calculate the separation efficiencies of all equipment and gives the purity of the output products.

Using the separation efficiencies, product purities and yields areas for improvement can be identified. Axion Consulting has extensive experience in optimising separation equipment and using knowledge from designing and operating our own recycling facilities we can suggest was to increase productivity and quality.

Suggestions for improvement can be backed up with a cost benefit analysis to ensure any modifications or alterations would be economically sound. The detailed mass balance can also be used to model the quality and yield of products when processing alternative or third party material

Download the Plant performance brochure here.