Waste team training

We deliver bespoke waste team training for waste processing facilities that have identified a training requirement, either through the introduction of new employees or through a knowledge-gap-analysis performed on existing staff.

Our expertise resides with process training for management and operational staff of MRF, MBT, AD and EfW facilities. Our waste team training provides confidence that each member of the team fully understands the plant they work on each day – and that is a great investment to make.

Our experience has shown that traditional academic teaching methods and highly theoretical explanations of the way waste treatment equipment works is not an effective way to transfer knowledge to groups of trainees who are often uncomfortable with classroom-style training. Instead, we have found that understanding and retention of important operating principles is dramatically increased by structuring the waste team training programme around a series of practical demonstrations, group working sessions, on-plant problem solving and team building exercises.

A standard training course would follow this structure:

  1. Introduction
  2. Health and Safety
  3. Flowsheet process overview
  4. Machine functions (following the flowsheet)
    • How the machine functions
    • The main job of the machine
    • Maintenance requirements
    • Health and safety aspects to consider with each machine
  5. Environmental permits and audits
  6. Product – quality assurance and economics
  7. Maintenance – preventative and reactive

Additional modules are optional depending on your specific requirements. These include; MF Regulations, quality assurance, management reports and product sampling.

Axion’s approach:

Axion develops a user-specific waste team training package tailored to the requirements of each waste processing facility.

Each training programme includes a series of practical sessions with hands-on demonstrations of how things work. Our trainers will make sure that all key learning points are reinforced by on-plant explanations carried out in smaller trainee groups.

Waste team training

Each trainee is assessed at the end of the course with a formal exam, group presentation and individual behavioural assessment. The competency assessment is fed back to the management staff who can benefit from knowing the capabilities of each member of staff from an unbiased viewpoint. The assessments are based upon individual operational knowledge of your systems and not a generic academic abilities review.

If this description of Axion’s unique approach to waste team training has made you think about your own staff’s knowledge and understanding of the complex process they are controlling for your company, then it might be a good time to invest in some refresher training sessions or a new waste team training programme. For further information please see our Waste team training brochure and training case studies

For further details, please contact Axion Senior Consultant Nichola Stead