Carbon metrics

A ‘carbon footprint’ measures the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused directly and indirectly by a person, organisation event or product.

Whether you want to measure the green-house gas emissions for your organisation, building, product or event, we can help.

Our staff understand the methodologies and standards (PAS 2050, PAS 2060, ISO 14064, ISO 14067 etc) and can implement these to calculate robust carbon footprints in a range of sectors.

Developing an effective carbon management programme and calculating the carbon footprint of your products and processes will enable your company to:

  • Reduce costs. In most cases, the larger sources of GHGs are the items that add cost to your business: fuel, electricity, raw materials, waste disposal and transport. Understanding and reducing your carbon footprint will deliver commercial savings for your business.
  • Gain competitive advantage and win new business. As consumer awareness grows, companies with the most comprehensive and transparent carbon management programs will be rewarded in the marketplace.
  • Protect your brand. Developing and communicating your low-carbon credentials will help your business to benefit from extensive media content dedicated to sustainability and environmental issues.
  • Care for the environment. A commitment to a reduction in your carbon emissions will help your company to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities.

We can guide you through the process to calculate the carbon footprint of your product or process. Axion offers three levels of service:

• Rapid ‘Hotspot’ analysis where a calculation of carbon emissions for a product or process is carried out for an organisation’s internal purposes.

• Calculation of the carbon emissions of a product or process in line with PAS 2050 standards but without external auditing.

• Achievement of an externally audited certified Carbon Footprint label for a product or process using Footprint Expert™ calculation software.