Why choose Axion

Axion Consulting supplies the expertise, knowledge and necessary skills to implement projects in the process industries, which are both environmentally sound and economically viable.

Drawing on extensive experience, Axion is a reputable company that offers a practical, efficient and friendly service. We take an open and honest approach, working collaboratively with our clients to find flexible, innovative and novel ways to solve challenges within the resource recovery sector.

The company works with a wide range of clients in diverse commercial sectors such as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) plastics recycling, vehicle recycling, bio-fuel and scientific research.

Examples of our clients and projects include:

WRAP - carried out two trials with a major textile recycler to assess the values of textiles collected from different feedstock sources and to establish the feasibility of washing and drying waste textiles, recovering them for re-use.

WRAP – delivered extensive amount of work for WRAP including series of demonstration trials of a range of separation techniques for WEEE plastic mixtures and demonstration trials to develop a commercial recycling process for flat panel display televisions.

Carpet Recycling UK and Envirolink Northwest – practical trials of recycling of post consumer polypropylene carpet.

Defra – major research project to develop and test bulk separation methods for WEEE polymers.

WRAP and private clients – development of advanced processing techniques to produce food grade polymer from post consumer high density polyethylene and polypropylene.


Coca Cola Great Britain – design and implementation of an award winning major promotional campaign, ʻTalent from Trashʼ, aiming to encourage increased recycling activity through promotional activities with Football League club supporters and their families.

Recovinyl – management of the PVC industry’s UK recycling project – market-based mechanism working with existing recyclers to encourage recovery of post-use PVC waste.

Recofloor – testing and now ongoing management and further development of a UK- wide collection and recycling scheme for post installation and end of life vinyl flooring with 300 collection points on behalf of leading UK flooring manufacturers Altro and Polyflor.

Greenergy International Ltd – market and technology assessments followed by business plan development for biodiesel manufacture from waste and virgin vegetable oils. This led to the construction of a 200,000 te/yr biodiesel plant at Immingham. Axion also carried out the business planning and investment due diligence for Greenergyʼs acquisition of the Mayflower Fuels terminal in Plymouth and for Greenergyʼs investment in Scarab Energy, a major joint venture to develop distributed waste to liquid fuels capacity in the UK.

North East of England Process Industry Cluster (NEPIC) – development of a business plan for a large scale oilseed crushing plant in the North East of England.