About us

We are resource recovery experts. We work with a broad range of clients to develop new methods for recovering and recycling waste materials, improving existing processes and developing specialist collection schemes for particular waste streams.

Axion Consulting has extensive experience of recycling a wide range of material types including plastics, metals, textiles and aggregates. We have deep technical knowledge of recycling post-consumer and post-industrial plastics, both food grade and technical grade.

Our clients like our ability to translate research results into commercially viable projects and our expertise in managing complex practical trials on time and on budget.

The team is comprised of experienced chemical engineers, polymer specialists, field consultants, recycling project managers, project administrators, researchers, analysts and marketing and communication specialists.

Our experience, skills and expertise is drawn from four key areas:

• Technology innovation
• Engineering
• Specialist collections
• Business support

Axion Consulting is a division of Axion Recycling Limited. Axion Recycling was formed by Directors Keith Freegard and Roger Morton in 2002 to find innovative ways of recovering resources from waste. As the company expanded it eventually split into two divisions: Axion Consulting and Axion Polymers.


The Axion Consulting division was created in response to increased demand from a wide range of clients within the recycling and process industries for practical development of new processing and collection methods.

The Axion Polymers division was formed to process waste materials. Axion Polymers has two state-of-the-art processing plants located in Salford and Manchester and processes rigid waste plastics including waste electrical and electronic (WEEE) plastics and end of life vehicle (ELV) shredder residue.