Recovinyl is a PVC recycling scheme, set up to encourage companies to recycle post-consumer PVC. The aim of the scheme is to increase the amount of PVC recycled by establishing sustainable collection and processing arrangements. 

Recovinyl was set up to demonstrate that PVC has a sustainable future, bringing both economic and environmental benefits. Its goal is to remove the barriers to recycling by demonstrating that all forms of PVC collected from the construction and demolition sectors, can easily be recycled and re-used, again and again.

The scheme has established a UK network of PVC recyclers who can accept post-consumer PVC. Participating recyclers sort the material and log the volumes which are verified annually by independent audit.

Recovinyl is a European-wide initiative and is established in 10 countries across the continent. There are over 30 accredited recycling companies signed up to the scheme in the UK. Access to PVC recycling facilities for window and building companies is now easier than ever.

Backed by the British Plastics Federation, it was initially funded through the Vinyl 2010 initiative. Axion Consulting manages the scheme in the UK, co-ordinating the delivery of fresh targets to 2020 under the new Vinyl Plus voluntary commitment. These targets include 800,000 tonnes to be re-used in all European countries by 2020 – with 700,000 tonnes mechanically recycled and the rest using new technologies for more difficult-to-recycle or contaminated PVC.


UK scheme manager Jane Gardner comments: “While these targets are ambitious, Recovinyl has demonstrated proven success under Vinyl 2010; particularly in the UK which, as a star performer, has contributed to 20% of overall EU PVC recycling so far.”

Download a list of Recovinyl recyclers