RecoMed PVC take-back scheme

PVC is widely used in medical devices from IV solution bags to tubes and masks. There are approximately 1500 hospitals in the UK and it is estimated that each year, around 2,250 tonnes of PVC could be recycled by collecting oxygen masks, oxygen tubing and anaesthetic masks alone.

Vinyl Plus, the voluntary sustainable development programme of the European PVC industry, has commissioned Axion Consulting and the British Plastics Federation (BPF) to develop a collection scheme for medical PVC items from hospitals in the UK.

The RecoMed PVC take-back scheme provides recycling containers, communication materials and collections to NHS and private hospitals that register for the collection service.

Participating hospitals save money on waste disposal costs by recycling this material. Instead of sending it to clinical or offensive waste streams which are incinerated or sent to specialist landfill sites, RecoMed provides an opportunity to give these easily recyclable and high-quality plastics a new lease of life.

This short film explains how the RecoMed scheme works and the benefits of taking part.


Want to take part?

For further information on the RecoMed PVC take-back scheme and how you can register for a RecoMed collection, please contact Robert Russell:

Tel: 0161 871 0567


Download the RecoMed case study


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